Well, that was a disaster.

I went to work yesterday, for the first time since early May.  Last Tuesday, I got a new, smaller brace that lets me wear a shoe over it.  The bone’s still not healed 100%, but the goal was to get me back on my feet and working.

Fail.  Epic fail.

By three hours into my ten hour shift, I was hurting.  By eight hours in, my left leg had swollen up so badly, it was visibly fatter and redder than my right leg.  And my retail work just doesn’t give my the opportunity to follow the doctor’s instructions to put my foot up for a couple minutes each hour.

By the time I got home, my leg and foot felt just like they did in early May.  Seven weeks of rest, gone like that.  I don’t think the word “frustrated” begins to cover it.  I had a lot of unhappy words to say last evening.  Well, not a lot of unique words.  Just the same ones repeatedly.

I called out today, and went back to the doctor.  I have new prescriptions for pain-killers and anti-inflammatory meds, and I’ll try again tomorrow.  If I can’t do it tomorrow, I may be back out of work.  And I don’t know where that will leave me, besides frustrated and worried.